ELC300 LED medical examination lamp

Colorful LED examination lamps

Medical examination lamp

The ELC300 LED medical examination lamp is designed for healthcare professionals. The LED technology benefits from the very latest innovations in terms of light quality (power and light colour temperature) and combines performance, ease of use and design. It is specially designed to provide the practitioner with optimum comfort during examinations or procedures.

LED examination lamps

ELC300 LED medical examination lamp

Using the latest generation LEDs, this lamp offers precision and optimal illumination quality without light loss, optimising and targeting illuminated areas with an operating life of more than 50,000 hours.

It provides visual comfort for the practitioner with excellent colour rendering on the tissues; it emits neither heat nor UV, making the lamp ideally suited to examinations in gynaecology, dermatology, podiatry and general practice.

This lamp has been designed to use less energy while having greater illuminating power.

To avoid any risk of infection by cross-contamination or bacterial growth and to facilitate cleaning, the design of this lamp, with its smooth surfaces and quality materials, includes no openings (joints, sharp edges) likely to conceal foreign bodies. It is compatible with ANIOS disinfectant products.

This lamp has an easily adjustable flexible arm that rotates through 360°, offering great flexibility in use. The reduced size of the head optimises the visual field and its manipulation.

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Colorful telescopic castor foot for LED examination lamps

Medical examination lamp for general practice

In general medical practice, this lamp is ideally suited to the general practitioner's routine examinations and treatments. Frequently mounted on its telescopic castor foot, the lamp can also be placed close to the patient quickly, to provide optimal lighting for the doctor.

Medical examination lamp for dermatology

In dermatology practices, the ELC300 LED medical examination lamp enables practitioners to conduct their examinations with excellent colour rendering, which assists diagnoses. In addition, the ability to position the LED examination lamp quickly and precisely makes it possible to perform precise procedures.

Medical examination lamp for gynaecology

In gynaecology practices, the very compact ELC300 LED medical examination lamp does not interfere with the practitioner's movements or visibility. The flexible arm attached to the lamp head allows the light beam to be positioned easily and quickly to illuminate the area to be examined clearly.

Medical examination lamp for podiatry

In podiatry practices, practitioners use the ELC300 LED medical examination lamp fitted with a flexible arm to illuminate the part to be examined evenly. Podiatrists use high-power medical examination lamps so as not to be inconvenienced by glittering or shine.

Medical examination lamps manufactured by Abeillon

ABEILLON S.A. has been designing and manufacturing flexible arms and lamps for illumination in the medical environment since 1948. This expertise is illustrated by the extensive range of lighting systems, flexible arms and frames offered by Abeillon.

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